Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8/26 show: Danny Returns + Kiddy Token Boy

Danny Tieger is back from a three-week absence, during which he traveled to Cambodia to teach kids how to write songs and probably had all sorts of life-affirming experiences or whatever.

This show also marks the return of the Renaissance Open, in which we take a word suggestion from the audience and spin it into a song, a poem, and a piece of visual art. Yes, it was designed to make your head spin.

Also featured this week is pip-squeak Max Toubes, the youngest Token Boy to date. I think he's like ten or something? Regardless, we've been told to keep things "G-Rated" this week. Can it be done? Is it even possible?!

Yes. We're all mature here.

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9:PM - Token Boy
9:45 PM - The Younger Statesmen
@The Improv Space
954 Gayley, Westwood

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