Friday, June 11, 2010


So many updates, it requires bullet-points:
  • Blogger got sexier layouts, therefore so did we!
  • Hopefully we'll have an actual website soon, so the whole "sexier blog" thing might not be that exciting now that we think about it.
  • Casting is pretty much complete for our totally secret project with Ten Thirty One Productions. Still, if you know any hot moms, or actresses who could pass for hot moms, let us know.
  • Matt Schwartz and David Kantrowitz have their first graduation show at UCB this weekend.
  • The final weekend approaches of Matt Chester's play "Two Figures." Go see it.
  • Danny Tieger is a Story Pirate and a NASA songwriter.
  • We've got several new sketch videos in the works, hopefully one with some narration by Shadoe Stevens.
  • We really like Culver City High School.
  • If you're reading this, we really like you as well.

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