Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/27 - Younger Statesmen + Token Boy's Bachelorette Party Show!

This week the Younger Statesmen take the 9:PM block, opening for Ashley Opstad's special Bachelorette Party Token Boy show!

Ashley Opstad is the Artistic and Managing Director of the Improv Space. She's a hilarious improviser and a wonderful friend, and we're all super pumped to attend her wedding this weekend.

As you know, each week Token Boy has a guest dude perform with their regular troupe of talented ladies. Not to give away the surprise, but this week their guest is very fleshy and enjoys having dollar bills stuffed down his thong.

May 27th
9:PM - The Younger Statesmen
9:45 PM - Token Boy Event: Ashley Opstad's Bachelorette Party Show!
@The Improv Space
954 Gayley, Westwood
$5, free for ladies!

RSVP via Facebook.

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